Top 8 Best Toddler Trampoline of 2020

toddler trampoline


All kids enjoy the adrenaline a trampoline has to bring, whether it is outside the house or in the living room, children will never get tired of bouncing on it, sometimes the adults can not resist their urge too, yes! That is so true. The first step to pick out the perfect trampoline for your little one is to decide the place it is going to be kept and then choose which one would fit the best.

Trampolines take up a little space so you need to be sure that your house has nice cozy storage as well to keep it after you dismantle it. Trampolines are great fun whether you keep them indoors or outdoors, the bouncing and the rebound when you jump on the jumping pads are a great source of fun and a great experience overall.

Trampolines are great for workout and help reduce a good amount of calories for adults and boosts up the energy in kids of all ages. From toddlers to teenagers, tramps have been a great fun activity and can be a pleasure alone or with their friends and family.

This article will help you decide which toddler trampoline would suit your family and would also not be a nuisance and a burden later. It is a helpful guide which will tell you the important factors to consider when you are buying a trampoline i.e. its size, shape, design, durability and weight limit and of course its storage as well.



The Skywalker Trampoline is great for all jumpers, with their innovative safety feature it’ll help your child create memories that will last a lifetime. Your little one will love that the Jump N’ Dunk trampoline comes with a basketball hoop and ball to keep them entertained when they are not jumping. The hoop has soft padding to ensure your child is safe while playing. It seems so much fun!

The Jump N’ Dunk trampoline from Skywalker features strong T-sockets so you can be sure that it will support your child without bending. The T-sockets are made of rust-resistant materials to ensure a durable structure that will offer your child years of service. Your child will enjoy his/her tramp for a long time.

It has a one-year warranty and closed design it is safe for the kids. If you’re looking for a well-built trampoline it is the real deal. It is a kids’ indoor trampoline which is best for kids from ages 3-7 years old.  If you’re looking for a trampoline that will be suitable for your child and you also don’t want to be worried about their safety, then the Skywalker Trampoline is the best option you can go for. It comes in 6 different attractive colors and is also very easy to assemble. It also comes with an enclosure net that won’t let your child fall or trip and includes a basketball hoop for them to play with so that is an additional feature attached to the Skywalker Trampoline.


  • PComes in different colors
  • PHas a basketball hoop
  • PEnclosed net


  • ONot as stable as other models


Who doesn’t love jumping on a warm sunny afternoon or on a spring evening, let’s be honest there is no specific time to jump. The Best Choice Product ensures your child does not fall off the trampoline or bump into walls. It features a sturdy metal and spring construction that ensures your child will enjoy years of fun without worrying about breakage. It can fit in almost any backyard. The heavy-duty construction guarantees that it will offer years of fun.

If you are looking for a trampoline for your 2-year-old and above child, this could be a great purchase for your house.

Trampolines are made for fun and to enjoy everything a lot more. The happiness that is brought in jumping is the best feeling in the world. Best Choice promises you that feeling and your child’s safety. With its easy dynamics and being background friendly, it should be your number one choice for your child. The enclosed net keeps your child safe and the material that its made from ensures a future where you will think about Best Choice before gifting someone a trampoline for sure.


  • PNet enclosure
  • PComes with a lot of padding
  • PEasy for a child to enter and exit


  • ODoesn’t have a better weight limit


The 84-inch trampoline from Sportspower offers a perfect size for any backyard of your house. The sturdy construction allows it to hold your child until they are 10 years of age. It is low in height and comes with a nice foam padding on the edges that ensures your little one’s safety when jumping. Its jumping surface offers your little one a generous space to jump making a perfect place for your child to exercise. It is easy to settle it up because an instruction manual and tools are provided. It is covered with a net on all sides that prevents your child from falling off the trampoline.

It also has a heavy-duty construction that withstands all the outdoor harshness so you won’t have to worry about it breaking, holds children of up to 10 years old meaning it will grow with your child. The SPORTSWEAR trampoline is the best choice for children till the age of 10. The durability helps it stays as good as new. It is also easy to assemble with the instructions and comes with a user manual. Your SPORTSWEAR trampoline will grow with your child providing them with a playful childhood, a one when they’ll remember everything and smile.


  • PDurable is high
  • PComes with a net enclosure and an all side zipper
  • PEasy to get in and out of the net enclosure
  • PHas foam padding on the edges for safety


  • OHard to set it up but the instructions make it easier in the manual


Until now we already know that finding the right trampoline for your child which has safety and stability has been overwhelming. All these different types of trampolines make it harder for the parent to choose the right one. The Bazoongi48-inch Bouncer Trampoline makes it to the top of the list on many parents’ buying lists.

It has 6 legs which makes it super stable so you don’t have to worry about the falling part. The area is large which makes your child have more fun and the never-ending bouncing can continue. Not to forget the handrail attached is detachable as well making it easier to for storage and moving around in the house or outdoors if your child wants to jump in the open air and have more fun. The legs are covered with proper caps so yes just relax! Your precious carpet and house floor are saved too. No more scratches and marks will be seen because of the cap covering the legs of the trampoline. How satisfying is that? The handrail is padded and can be adjusted on two different heights so it is easy to adjust it according to the height of your child as well.


  • PHeavy-duty steel frame
  • P6 legged- more stability
  • PEasy to set up
  • PAdjustable Handrail
  • PMaximum jumping space
  • PPadded Handrail


  • OThe handrail will bend after some usage
  • OLimited color options available


Like many other tramps, this also made it to the top ten list as well. This is the Kangaroos 36-inch Trampoline made for kids of 3 years and plus but have seen adults getting the bounce too! Isn’t that incredible? Just when your kids go to sleep, you can have some extra fun bouncing away from your stress.

The jumping pad of the Kangaroos 36-inch Trampoline is made up of a high resistance material that will make sure that it doesn’t hurt your kid’s tiny delicate feet. The mat easily stands up to high pressure and is wear-resistant. The heavy-duty steel doesn’t rust so it is perfect for outdoors as well. The springs are padded inside too so it is very little to no chance of getting the jumping mat punctured so that is what we call an additional value to a tramp. It has a handrail attached too and comes with an enclosure net that can be placed according to your needs.

The packaging is really good so you don’t have to worry about the tramp getting delivered in a bad condition. The tools for the installation come with the kit so that makes it easy to set it up as well with the user guide that has a picture by picture demonstration for your convenience.


  • PPadded springs
  • PHigh quality jumping mat
  • PPadded legs
  • PHeavy-duty steel frame
  • PInstallation tools
  • PInstallation guide book


  • OOne leg turns a little
  • OHandrail padding comes out with time


Every trampoline has its own special features. The Pleny 36 inch Kids Mini Trampoline is for ages 3 years and plus and its special value-added feature is its extended handrail. The Tramp is easy to set up but is not suitable or made for outdoors which means it might take some space indoors at all times as it is not foldable too. The trampoline is super safe as the springs inside are padded and so is the extended handrail which has a fastening knob to keep them in place.

The kid’s indoor trampoline comes in three super fun colors, apple green, princess pink, and navy blue. Girls can opt for the princess pink whereas the boys can go the navy blue colored tramp. Apple green has been a choice for many kids out there as well. All three colors look super cool and are very eye-catching. The design is very compact and the springs are of very high quality makes it easy for kids to balance and are not prone to fall off from the jumping mat.


  • PExtended handrail till the bottom
  • PPadded springs for safety
  • PBalanced jumping mat from all sides
  • PThree super cute colors


  • ONot foldable
  • ONot to be used outdoors
  • OTakes up space
  • OStorage issues


This is a good investment for your kid and yourself as well! Yes, you heard it right. The Merax 36 Inch Kids Mini Exercise Trampoline is not only for your little one but also when once the handrail is detached it can be used as an exercising trampoline for adults as well. Trampoline exercises are the new way to lose weight and have so many benefits so yes this tramp is multifunctional.

It is super durable but is suggested by the manufacturer of not to use it outdoors. The handrail is suggested to be removed when the tramp is being used by the adults as it might cause back pain. The super cute blue colors make the tramps really attractive too. The jumping mat is made out of PP which will stand high pressure. It has been approved by the safety standards designed in the US. It has a one-year warranty which is a plus point. The tramp is extra stable so you don’t have to worry when your kids are burning off their extra energy on the tramp and having some fun.


  • PThick foam padded handrail
  • PStainless steel frame
  • PMultifunctional
  • PPassed US safety measures


  • OCannot be used Outdoors


The Skywalker trampoline can be an ideal bouncer for your child. It has elastic bands instead of springs and comes with an all-rounder handle with is padded which ensures maximum hold and safety for you kid.  The net enclosures go to the bottom till the end of the bouncer so that nothing goes underneath the trampoline when the bouncing is happening which will end in no injuries and accidents.

The adventurous walker is maybe difficult to set up as it has many parts to assemble. It can be used indoors and outdoors. The playing mat is made up of high quality. The tramp comes with a one-year warranty and the parts come with 90 days’ warranty. The enclosure net has an easy enter and exit system for your child and doesn’t need adult assistance. The 40 inches’ diameter of the trampoline’s mat makes it a surface large enough for your child to jump and bounce in it without getting hurt, ensuring maximum safety and fun at the same time.


  • PStretch bands instead of Springs
  • PNet enclosure till the bottom
  • PAll-rounder handlebar
  • PEasy entry and exit
  • PStrong steel frame


  • ODifficult to install and dismantle


In order to have a safe, fun, and everlasting experience from the trampoline all the parents should seek a tramp that is safe and is also adjustable so that it grows with your child and is durable too with maximum stability. You can always use more knee pads and elbow pads to ensure your child doesn’t get any hand or knee injuries while bouncing on the tramp.

If your child is older and he/she can jump higher then make sure you purchase the one that has a net enclosure, easy enter, and exit system and has easy tools to set up the tramp as well. Moreover, handrails and handles are always a plus point so that your child can latch on to it and wouldn’t be prone to trip over or fall. Children should always be guided well before the use of a new toy or a new product to ensure safety and to avoid any kind of injury or mishap. Make sure you read the instruction before you set up the tramp and go through the guide thoroughly. Don’t use the trampoline if it is not advised outdoors.

We hope that the reviews about the best toddler trampoline and other kids trampolines will help you chose the one that fits for you and your family.