Top 10 – Disney Rolling Luggage [2020]

Disney Rolling Luggage


Are you going to pack up your kids’ stuff to set out for a long journey? Then, without a special kids’ rolling suitcase, you cannot keep those staff organized. The plain, solid-colored suitcases may hold your things. However, kids always love something colorful and vibrant. How would your kids feel when it is a Disney themed suitcase? Whether you are going to enjoy Disney Park, Disney cruise, or any adventurous trip, the uniquely printed suitcase would add more fun. Printed with Disney Princess, Mickey Mouse, Toy Story, and Disney Star Wars, this Disney luggage for kids options is the best choice.

For Disney fans, we have listed the Top 10 Best Disney rolling luggage.


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Do your kids love Mini Mouse or Tom Stooper? Then, this hard side luggage with nylon lining would be the perfect travel companion to your teens. This easy-to-carry suitcase provides you with many amounts of space to accommodate your teens’ stuff. Made of a durable ABS shell, this suitcase has a length of 18″.  American Tourister has tested every part of the luggage to ensure a long-lasting product for the kids.Designed with quality fabric, the Book Opening Case is one of the special styles, and the mesh divider inside the case helps you in keeping the items separately. Your kids would easily be able to access their essentials.

Another feature to keep the contents safe is the cross strap. It helps in preventing any damage to the contents while you are moving the suitcase. Integrated with side-mounted wheels, the suitcase is easy to move. Moreover, the kids can pull the dual-tube handle with minimal efforts. Thus, to make your Disney vacation more enjoyable, you can put the gears and clothing into this suitcase.


  • PSmall separate compartments for keeping things secure
  • PDurable push-button handle
  • PLightweight
  • PHigh quality zipper


  • OSlight color variation, as complained by some users


This bright colored suitcase with Disney theme is another attractive model for the kids. The kids’ suitcase comes with a number of zippers, helping you to keep your things organized. For the front zippered section, you need to store small stuff. There are also big spacious compartments to hold your kids’ clothes and gaming items. The rolling suitcase resembles the shape of Disney’s car, and most of the little boys love this shape. The cute looking, adorable Disney themed luggage for kids has a black, resilient handle. Your kids would have no stress on their arms to pull the handle. Moreover, the small wheels also help you in moving the luggage smoothly over any surface. Thus, buy this Disney rolling suitcase and let your kids manage their stuff during a trip.


  • PZippered suitcase
  • PReasonable price
  • PUnique shaped luggage


  • ONo strap
  • OMaterial has to be of higher quality


We have chosen another hard side luggage for your kids. If your kids prefer Mickey Mouse Pants as the best theme, you can buy this luggage. This 21″ Spinner Luggage is made of high-quality ABS plastic. Pull the long zipper to open the luggage fully for organizing your stuff. With a red and black combination, this suitcase does not have lots of prints. Still, its overall look reflects the Disney theme. The fully lined interior and tie-down straps can hold your clothing securely and tightly. The dividers have created clear packing compartments.

In addition to the pull-on handle, there are side handles. You can place the suitcase horizontally or in an upright position to move it to another place. The spinner wheels also help you in moving the suitcase very smoothly. Moreover, the split construction on the interior side makes it easy to store the stuff perfectly.


  • PBig mesh pockets to keep the items separate
  • PRetractable pull easy to use
  • PSecure wheels


  • ONo option for tightening the straps


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Lots of parents look for soft side luggage to put several kinds of stuff into it. The white dot prints and black-red combination have made this luggage look attractive.   Minnie Mouse Red Bow is the theme of this Disney luggage for kids. The double zippered system ensures that your kids can use the luggage for several years.The manufacturer has used 100% polyester to design the luggage. This carry-on style rolling luggage has also zippered pockets at the interior side.  The crisscross strap inside the suitcase helps you in keeping the clothes organized. There will be no mess of your kids’ stuff.

The overall weight of the luggage is about 6.8 lbs. However, make sure that you have not overstuffed the suitcase while you are going to the airport. With one tap on a button, you can pull on the handle of your luggage. The wheels are also durable and do not wear away easily.


  • PSpacious rolling luggage
  • PHigh quality fabric
  • PIncludes a number of pockets


  • OWhite dots may look dirty for regular use


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Lots of kids are fans of Mickey Mouse, and this luggage comes with the Disney Mickey Mouse theme. The themed rolling luggage can be one of the best gifts to your travel-enthusiastic kids. The compact luggage is made of polyester materials, and you can clean it easy to keep up the bright color.The top handle enables your kids to hold the suitcase firmly and move it to any place. The two wheels at the base also work smoothly. The collapsible design of the handle is convenient to your storage purpose. Most of the parents have found the luggage to be highly sturdy.  The overall length of the suitcase is 15”.

When you are looking for a roomy, softside luggage, you can choose this product. Although there is one big compartment, you can find two zippered systems. The backside of the luggage is solid red in color, while the front section comes with the theme of Mickey Mouse.


  • PTough fabric
  • PAdjustable handle
  • PDurable wheels


  • OVery thin


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The pink trolley with red strips on it has a charming look. Minnie Mouse Graphic has created an awesome look for the kids’ trolley. The manufacturer has designed polyester or PVC for designing the front panel of this trolley. This is a softside trolley, and it can accommodate a number of things of your kids. The small trolley is also easily portable due to its lightweight structure. The weight of this Disney rolling suitcase is 3 lb.The interior side is much spacious, and the height of this trolley is 17 inches. Moreover, the internal part has a zippered divider, and you can keep your items fully organized. Like any other rolling luggage, it has also retractable handle. You can curve the handle upwards and inwards for the convenience of moving the luggage.

Thus, this Disney softside trolley has a high-end design. While you have a trip with your little ones, you can have your kids’ stuffs inside it.


  • PSpacious
  • PRetractable handle
  • PMulticolored background


  • OFlimsy plastic in the handle


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Most of the girls love pink colors of their personal stuff, and this rolling luggage with the pink design is best for any little girl. Although the manufacturer has called it has a backpack, it comes with pull-on handles as a trolley or suitcase. Due to the backpack style, you can find two straps at the rear side. The overall length of the luggage is 14″. The pink and black combination with a big Minnie Mouse print on the front surface can make the rolling luggage look attractive. In addition, the white dots have added a level of beauty to the luggage. The handle length is adjustable, and you can pull the handle up to 12 inches. There is a zippered compartment on the front side. The mesh pockets at both sides help you in storing the bottles and other small items.

The integrated wheels also move very smoothly. Thus, your kids would not feel heavy to move their luggage from one site to another.


  • PBack straps
  • PHandle length is adjustable
  • PThe number of pockets


  • OSmall for kids of over 5 years old


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With the red and pink color combination, this Disney luggage for kids looks amazing. Lots of parents have bought this Minnie Mouse Pilot Case for their children. The collapsible model is easy to carry and store at any place. The overall dimension of the rolling luggage is 15″, and we have found it to be standard for kids’ trolley.The handle of the trolley is much sturdy, and your little kids may not damage it easily. Still, while there is any issue with the pull-on handle, you can hold another small handle at the top side. Moreover, to design this Disney themed suitcase, the manufacturer has used high-quality polyester. Put the stuff into the suitcase and pull the zipper to keep them secure.

Thus, you can purchase this rolling luggage to store the clothing, small toys, and other staff of your kids.


  • PEasy to clean material
  • PLuggage style resilient wheels
  • PHighly portable


  • ONo interior strap


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We have chosen different products of American Tourister. However, you can find another attractive Disney pattern on the hard side luggage of this brand. The polyester lining keeps your items safe. The black luggage with big Minnie Lux Dots on the overall body makes the suitcase look stunning. The spinner wheels can move in any direction, and thus, your kids can take the luggage anywhere without much effort. The beveled push-button is another notable feature of this product. You can click on this button and pull out the handle. There is also a locking system to handle.

This thoroughly tested product includes a quality fabric for creating small compartments. The manufacturer has maintained the best standards to design the luggage. At the interior side, you can find cross straps, keeping your clothes in place.


  • PSophisticated design, causing no weight to shoulder and arm
  • PKeep everything organized
  • PBest for long trips
  • PRetractable handle
  • PSpecial features to keep the items secure


  • OZipper has to be of higher quality


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The uniquely shaped, beautiful red luggage can easily attract kids’ eyes. The luggage has a hard-shell surface with printed Disney characters on it. This kids-friendly suitcase has a cute look. The internal reversed-curve handle is one of the notable features of this luggage. Your teens would feel comfortable holding this handle.

The manufacturer has proved innovativeness in designing this case. The wheels, protruding out, always keep the suitcase elevated. While you are rolling the case at a lower height, only those wheels would contact the floor surface. Thus, it would be very easy to roll the wheels and move the case.

Made of polycarbonate composite materials, this Disney luggage has a height of about 18 inches, while the width is 9 inches. Its weight is almost 3.7 lbs. While you have opened the luggage, you can find cross straps, enabling you to keep the things secure. The metal bearings of inline wheels are very sturdy. Overall, you can find a stylish design of this rolling luggage.


  • PMini luggage with attractive look
  • PSpecially designed handle
  • PZippered divider for perfect organization of stuffs


  • ONo negative complaint


We have made a detailed comparison of the products to help you in making the right decision. You can pick the best Disney rolling luggage for an eye-catching design.

Guide to buy the rolling suitcase for kids

Choosing the right luggage is important to make your trip more amusing. The best rolling suitcase enables your kids to manage their stuff very easily.

Materials used in the luggage

Some of us prefer leather for our travel bags. However, that would make the luggage costly. While you are buying kids’ luggage, you can two major designs- hard shell and softside. For the hard shell, polycarbonate is a very common material, making the design lightweight. However, for the softside luggage, nylon and polyester are the best options.

The materials also affect the durability of your rolling suitcase. The hard-shell luggage can store the toys and clothes safely.

Sturdiness of the handles and wheels

Most of the luggage manufacturers think of reducing the weight by streamlining the wheels and handles. However, you have to make sure that the wheels have the capacity of bearing the weight. The handles of most of the rolling suitcases have push buttons and retractable design. You can adjust the length of the handles.

Four-wheeled suitcase- It makes the suitcase easily navigable at any place. However, the luggage can roll away on the inclined surface.

Two-wheeled suitcase- It moves to two directions- forward and backward. However, it is a better option while you are moving the luggage through cobblestone streets and sidewalks.

Zippers and compartments

You need to check out these features to know how you would organize the kids’ stuff. Some luggage designs come with a divider to let you store things perfectly. Moreover, there are front and interior zippers for storing small items.

How much luggage weight can your kids carry?

To choose the suitcase of the best weight, you have to know the weight of your kids. Kids can carry a load that is 15% or less of their body weight. Most of the rolling suitcases are of 3 to 6 pounds. While you store things, you can find a slight increase in weight. However, we think that the wheeled design enables the kids to carry any weight easily.

Now, you can start searching for the best Disney rolling suitcase for your kids. The colorful, themed design of the luggage would inspire your kids to pack their things. Thus, to get ready for a long or short trip, you can invest in one of the reliable Disney rolling luggage.