Top 8 Brew Kettles & Pots for Homebrewing



Are you interested in homebrewing, and the idea of preparing your beer at home cherishes your mind? If yes, then you have landed at the right spot, because we are going to review the best brew kettles.

It is essential to invest in the right equipment as your brew cattle is where boil happens, and magical transitions from wort into beer begin.

With the technological advancement, the Brew Kettles are coming integrated with cutting edge features to help in the brewing process. Finding the best brew Kettle as per your need, requirement and budget will demand lots of research. You will have to check every product that comes under your budget radar and read the reviews. There are more than dozens of features that demand expertise; if you are a novice and just starting your baby steps in home brewing, it would be hard for you to decide which one is suitable for you. Wrong, sub-standard and poor quality constructed kettles not only spoil your beer-experience but yield into hazardous substance.


So, in this best brew kettles guide, we are going to review top picks. These are our hand-picked products, have been chosen after hours of research. You can have a look at these products and see what falls right on your needs.


The SS Brewtech Home brewing Kettle is one of the best sturdy made, exceptional apparatus you can have hands-on. This is made of the highest quality 18-gauge 304 stainless steel and possesses a longer and enhanced life-span. Due to this construction and built, the kettle is regarded as the best stainless steel brew pot. The kettle comes with 10-gallon capacity that makes it an excellent option for ample quantity beer preparation. So, you can prepare more beers in one go without putting aside the quality.

It comes with etched gallon marking; you do not have to guess the volume and fill it up as per your need and requirement.

It comes with quality-silicon handles for safe handling; the robustly designed handle ensures you could firmly handle the kettle without any spillages.

It also features a tri-clad bottom to heat dissipation without scorching.

By all means, it is a professional level beer kettle and offers seamless beer preparation experience.

Yes, it is relatively expensive, so you get what you pay.


  • PSturdily built using quality material
  • POffers large brewing capacity
  • PIntegrates ergonomic handles for handling when hot
  • PIt also features a ball valve with a pickup tube


  • OExpensive
  • ONo thermometer included


If you are more concerned about the volume of a beer preparing right now, get your hands on a graduated volume marking Northern Brewer. With this kettle browser onboard, you do not have to worry about the measurements, use the graduated marking system, and get everything sorted out. The kettle is constructed using the highest quality material; stainless steel kettle would not let you down with its performance.

It comes with 8-gallons serving capacity so that you will be preparing large servings in one go. Furthermore, you can customize the kettle for the enhanced brewing experience.

The kettle comes integrated with the stay-cool handle to easier removal from the stovetop.

The fantastic feature this brew kettle comes integrated with its 4 mm thick tri-clad bottom. With this feature riveted, the heats distribute evenly and fastly without condensation. So, you will have a prepared beer in the shortest span of time possible.

The lit protects the liquid against scorching; lids hinder the steam from burning the hands.

In a nutshell, it showcases a great look, compact design and lasts longer than you expect.


  • P8-gallons capacity lets you brew large quantity in one go
  • PIt features 4 mm thick clad bottom for uniform heat distribution
  • PIntegrates a lid to protect substance against burning
  • PSafe to handle when hot due to stay-cool handles


  • OHeavier


If you are scouring the internet in searching for a state-of-the-art designed home brewing kettle, your search ends here with GasOne 10-gallon stainless steel constructed homebrew kettle. This kettle comes features with four pieces, ball valve spigot, stainless steel lid, 10-gallon tri-ply aluminum bottom, and a thermometer. The tri-ply aluminum bottom helps it to distribute the heat evenly and prepare to brew instantly. This feature also protects your substance from getting scorched and produces top-quality beer.

The kettle can be used with a stovetop and commercial induction cooktops for your ease.

Another glaring feature this brewing kettle feature is engraved scale marking. You do not have to worry about the volume quantity now; the markings help you fill as per your requirement.

This premium grade stainless steel construction brewing pot offers extended life and outperforms others. It showcases a sleek and excellent look and delivers even heat conduction. The durable material makes it a hands-down option, easy to clean, safe, and long-lasting.

All in all, it is an option a regular homebrewer must opt-with.


  • PErgonomic handles help to handle large volumes
  • PEngraved called marking tracks measurements
  • PDurable and high-quality tri-ply
  • PCan be used with stovetops as well as commercial induction cooktops
  • PLess weight


  • OLid construction should be improved



If you are looking for a premium grade sturdy built electric brew kettle, Concord Stainless steel kettle can be a great option. This 40 qt stainless steel polished kettle shares weld-less fitting. Due to its weld-less construction, you can detach some of its components to clean it thoroughly. All elements of this kettle are made of premium-scale 304 stainless steel.

The kettle also comes with a uniquely designed lid; the lid serves its purpose along with it hangs on the side of the pot when you pour the substance.

This kettle comes unassembled for safe shipping, but assembly would not take much of your time; one person can assemble it within 10-minutes. Just one tool would be required; wrench.

The stainless steel made kettle showcases a shiny look, and its outer surface is fully polished. This polishing feature makes it captivating and gives a stylish look. It comes with a thermometer, which definitely enhances its performance and usability.


  • PIt shares premium-grade 304 stainless steel construction
  • PLess weight
  • PFull weld-less construction
  • PIt components detach easily for easier cleaning
  • P10-gallons capacity lets you quickly prepare your beer


  • OA cheaply constructed product


If you need a dedicated machine for grain brewing at affordable rates, Brewer’s Edge Mash and Boil make an ideal option. With this product onboard, brewing would not require 220V special circuit; just plug this into 110V household power outlet and get your job easily done. The Brewer’s edge mash and boil kettle comes with a dual-wall stainless steel surface that conserves energy generated from 110V, and get a rolling boil.

The uniquely designed brew kettle integrates sparging basket and thermostat that lets you mash and boil under one floor. It also shares an adjustable thermostat that can easily be adjusted, preset it at 3 hours, and 30-minute for safety.

The cutting-edge features integrating kettle also shares a delayed start timer that enables you to program it for the next 24-hours.


  • PIdeal machine for grain brewing
  • PAffordable price range
  • PCan take power from the household 110V power outlet
  • PDual wall stainless steel surface conserves energy and speed-up the process


  • ODo not trust on the heating element


If you need something with easy controls and quick processing, get Bayou Classic 800-410 brew kettle onboard. This is a perfect option for grain brewing and helps you process in no time. It is made of stainless steel and aluminum and ensures several years of hands-down performance without heating.

The kettle offers a large capacity of homebrewing, 10-gallons. So, for brewing large quantities, you would not have to repeat the entire process, one go would be enough.

It features riveted handles; the safe handles make it seamless to handle brewing. By using these safe handles, you can easily remove the beer from the stovetop easily.

The electric brew kettle also comes with stainless aluminum steel that helps uniform heat distribution for better and smoother results without scoring and heating.

The set up also integrates a stainless steel ball valve for easier drainage.


  • PA hands-down option for all-grain brewing
  • PBuilt to stand long
  • PSafe handle to remove from the stovetop
  • PEasy drainage system


  • OMany commented the spigot placed too high


If your hunting criterion for a brew kettle is durability, Anvil Brew kettle stands out. This kettle shares insanely durable casing, made of high-quality stainless steel. The pot not only showcases a sturdy but charming look. This is made to lasts lifetime, it sure going to be your companion for the next couple of years.It is not merely a raw piece of apparatus, it offers many goodies. The brand has given a special focus on designing and printing. You get a dual-gauge thermometer in Fahrenheit and Celsius. With internal markings in gallons and liters, you get accurate measurements. Do not go with the guess when it comes to preparing beer, use the markings, and have calculated substance brewed.

The tri-ply bottom helps you to get fast brewing. The cutting-edge technology adhering bottom ensures uniform heat distribution without encoring and burning.

The kettle comes to feature the innovative technology to provide seamless brewing experience. The last trick up its sleeves the kettle shares, by adding a strainer you turn it into a hop and trub filtration system. This is a high-budget apparatus, no doubt. But, worth every penny and helps you have smooth brewing experience.

The quality is incredible, features are outstanding, and will surely going to outshine competitors.


  • PImpressive measurement metrics
  • PNo rivets, no leaks
  • PAn addition of strainer transforms it into hop and trub filtration system
  • PDurable, made to last lifelong
  • PAn esteemed brand manufacturing


  • OHigh-cost
  • OStyle might not complement your ambiance



This professional-grade stainless steel made Mophorn home brewing kettle shares robust manufacturing. Due to its stainless steel construction, the kettle is easy to clean and ideal for malt-extract at homebrewing. Moreover, the professional-grade pot can be served as a typical stockpot for outdoor cooking. The electric brew kettle also comes with easy to read side-mounted thermometer numbering from 0-220 degrees. The thermometer markings help you provide the required temperature for perfect brewing.

The kettle offers a polished design to boost its aesthetics. It also posses a sleek and classic look, visually appealing no doubt.

The kettle offers 12.5 gallons of substance quantity. It helps you brewing enough beer to serve your friends in a gathering. Do not have to repeat the brewing process repeatedly, just prepare the required beverage in one go.

Yes, it is a little bulky, with 14.6 pounds of weight; you might feel cumbersome to carry it outdoor


  • PProfessional-grade high-quality stainless steel construction
  • PErgonomic handle welding
  • PThermometer numbering on the sides help provide precise temperature
  • P12.5 gallons capacity helps to prepare required beverages in one go


  • OBulky
  • OVisually not that great


For homebrewing, a quality Brew kettle is essential. When it comes to buying a quality kettle, there is more than one factor that comes into play. These are few tips which will help you to decide better which one suits your needs.

Capacity: Capacity is one of the most significant deciding factors of a brewing kettle. Are you the one who has to brew large quantities of beer? Or you just prepare beer for personal serving. The brewing kettles come from as low as 6-gallons to as high as 30-gallons. You can choose easily which one to opt-with.

For smaller brewing needs, 8-10 gallons kettle is good. For large beer servings, 20-gallons to 3-gallons will suit your needs.

Material or construction:

After deciding the size of a brew kettle, the next comes the material to construct the pot.

Most of the kettles which are considered high-quality are made of stainless steel. Remember, the stainless steel should be high-quality 18-gauge, or else your pot would not last long.

The bottom of the kettle should be made of heavy-duty stainless steel and aluminum. The blend of both materials helps the distribution of heat uniformly, thus improved cooking results.

The kettle with the mentioned construction would share an expanded life-span compared to others, as they will be rust and corrosion-resistant. The stainless steel material made products are easy to clean as well.

Another thing, the handle should be made of silicone coating; they are safe to touch even when hot.

Valve Type:

The ball valve plays a significant role in making a brew kettle stand out. This helps the smooth transfer of liquid and helps in better pouring.

Thus, a quality brew kettle would always come integrated with a stainless steel ball valve.

The stainless steel valve lasts longer and possesses rust and corrosions free resistance. Moreover, it should be positioned in a reachable place.

Some kettles feature with a ball valve at the lower part and some at the upper side. The ball valve with spigot equipped on the lower part ensures improved recovery of the liquid.


The lid part is one of the vital factors that should be checked before making a purchase.

There are basically two types of lids; vented and unvented.

But what to decide which one suits you? It depends on the brewing process and the stuff you are brewing.

For general information, vented lids keep lots of water built-up from condensation; there would be fewer boils over with that type.

With unvented lids, it should be position as per your requirement to let the steam escaped.

Irrespective of the need for the type of lid, you must go with a convenient lid that suits your needs.


If you are a craft beer enthusiast, having a quality brew kettle is mandatory. These kettles offer seamless brewing experience and let you enjoy your favorite drink the way you want. These come in different sizes, shapes, construction, and features. So, have a look at the features that you demand as per your brewing needs.

The brew kettles prepare beer faster than other apparatus. This is because of the Tri-clad or tri-play bottoms that ensure even heat distribution that leads to faster brewing.

Before buying a brew kettle, have a special check of the features mentioned above and get as per your personal needs.

We hope this guide will help you choose a brew kettle as per your needs, budget, and requirements.