10 Best Spice Grinders of 2021 – Reviews

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A lot of people love using spices in food and even tea. Some of the commonly used spices include cinnamon, parsley, and basil. These spices/herbs are not just flavorful, but they also have some health benefits.

The best way to consume the nutrients in the spices is by crushing or grinding them. No accessory does that job better than a spice grinder. As usual, you should always ensure that you take your time to choose a spice grinder that would serve you accordingly. Here is a look at the top spice grinders you should consider buying.

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#10 TGproducts Sleek Black Spice Grinder

TGproducts Sleek Black Spice Grinder

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This is a four-piece spice grinder that is made of strong aluminum. It can be used at home or in commercial outlets. You won’t have to worry about breakage or cracks if the product falls off the table. It comes with a 4-piece system that lets you grind the spices or herbs effortlessly.

The product is durable, easy to use, and it comes with a magnetic lid that prevents the spices from spilling. It also features a spacious grinding chamber to let you grind more spices at once.

#9 Cuisinart SG-10 Electric Spice Grinder

Cuisinart SG-10 Electric Spice-and-Nut Grinder

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If you don’t prefer a manual grinder, this product will serve you well. It is powered by a high-power and fast speed motor that facilitates the grinding process. It comes with a unique design to let you grind both spices and nuts.

Also, it features strong and durable stainless-steel blades for long life and high performance. The grinder has a nonslip rubber fit that will not move as you grind your spices. Even with its high-power motor, the grinder will still run silently.

#8 Waring WSG30 Commercial Electric Grinder

Waring Commercial WSG30 Commercial Medium-Duty Electric Spice Grinder


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This grinder delivers a high-quality and consistent grind, thanks to the strong stainless-steel blades. The product comes with a safety top that prevents your fingers from injuries.

It is powered by a pulse-action technology that enables the grinding techniques. The dishwasher-safe bowls give you an easy time when cleaning. Its high-power motor makes it strong enough to grind even the hard spices.

#7 Easehold Electric Spice Grinder

Easehold Electric Spice Grinder

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This is one of the top grinders that can do more than just grinding spices. You can also use it to grind your coffee beans or herbs. It comes with a 200-watt high-power motor that facilitates quick and precise grinding.

Even when grinding hard spices or beans, this grinder will still run smoothly. It won’t heat up after you use it for a while. Also, the grinder runs on low noise. It has a heavy base to offer good stability when it runs.

#6 KD Living Salt and Spice Grinder

KD Living Salt and Spice Grinder

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This KD Living spice grinder comes in a set of two, and it has a good capacity to let you grind more spices at once. It has a clear glass body, which makes it easy to view the content inside.

The edges are smooth, and it has a refined design to let you operate it with ease. The container is corrosion-resistant, which lets you enjoy the original aroma and flavor of your spices.

#5 Golden Bell Four-Piece Spice Grinder

Golden Bell Four-Piece Spice Grinder

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This is a 4-piece professional-grade grinder that delivers accordingly. The grinder has an elegant black theme, which can act as a kitchen décor when you are not using it. It has a chamber that separates the fine pollen from herbs/spices. It is one of the cheapest grinders on the market, but also one of the top performers.

Furthermore, it comes with a heavy-duty zinc case that is durable and BPA-free. There is a rust-resistant mesh screen that will filter the pollen, along with the diamond teeth that grind even the hard spices. Above all, it is covered by a year-long replacement warranty.

#4 Epica Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder

Epica Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder

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This grinder runs on a 250-watt motor, which is stronger than most electric grinders out there. The grinder features a lid, which locks into place to prevent any accidental injuries. The blades and cups are stainless steel to prevent breaking or rusting.

There is also a large power button that lets you control your grinding with ease. The cup of the grinder can hold up to 2.5oz of spice or coffee to let you grind more volume at once. It runs quieter than most electric grinders, which makes it worth purchasing.

#3 Quiseen One-Touch Electric Spice/Coffee Grinder

Quiseen One-Touch Electric Spice Coffee Grinder

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This Quiseen grinder can be used for grinding spices, grains, coffee beans, as well as nuts. It is one of the few grinders that are made with a stylish design. It runs on a one-touch operation to enhance simplicity. The lid is transparent to let you view the content easily.

You can enjoy a fast and efficient grinding, thanks to the strong motor. It has a grippable surface and an ergonomic design that prevents slipping when grinding your spices. Furthermore, it is lightweight, and you can hold it in one hand as you grind your spices and coffee.

#2 Zip Grinders Four-Piece Herb/Spice Grinder

Zip Grinders Four-Piece Herb Spice Grinder

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This is one of the highly-rated spice grinders on the market, and it is also among the cheapest grinders out there. Well, don’t be fooled by the low price of the product because it delivers an incredible grind in the shortest time possible. It is a good choice to get if you travel a lot.

The grinder is portable, has a durable design, and runs on an efficient system. It can be used either at home or in a commercial setting. The versatile 4-in-1 design lets you grind herbs, spices, and even coffee beans. It features a thick aluminum, which will last for long enough. It is worth the bargain because it comes with a manufacturer money-back-guarantee.

#1 KRUPS F203 Electric Spice/Coffee Grinder

KRUPS F203 Electric Spice Coffee Grinder

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This grinder runs on a 200-watt motor that facilitates a fast and precise grind. It comes with an oval design that gives it a unique and elegant look. The grinder has versatile blades that let you grind coffee beans, spices, herbs, nuts, and grains.

There is a switch placed on the lid for convenience and safety. This grinder has stainless-steel blades that deliver an effective grind. It is made of stainless steel to assure you of a strong and long-lasting unit that will resist rust and stains.