10 Best RCA Cables in 2020 – Reviews

Best RCA Cables

It seems that RCA cables have been around since forever and have more applications that we can reasonably count. Developed in the 1940s by the Radio Corporation of America, they were originally intended to connect amplifiers to phonographs in order to boost output levels. Over time, emerging technologies employed RCA cables for a variety of tasks, which may explain why we still need them to this day.

Although in recent years HDMI cables seem to have appropriated some of the tasks we used to employ RCA cables for, there is still need for RCA cables and a demand to match. Let us then take a look at the ten best RCA cables out there so that we may better understand what the market has in store.

Best RCA Cables, Reviews

#10 Bonayuanda 3 RCA Male Jack to 6 RCA Adapter Cable

Bonayuanda 3 RCA Male Jack to 6 RCA Adapter Cable

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Ideal for connecting TVs, DVD players, and other audio video devices, the 2Bonayuanda RCA Cable comes with 3 RCA male connectors and 6 RCA female connectors. Measuring approximately 30cm in length, this cable comes with 3 different colored jacks to help you determine the right one while making connections.

Easy to use, made from durable materials and long-lasting, these cables are among the best in quality and performance.

#9 Kawany HDMI to RCA Cable

Kawany HDMI to RCA Cable

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The Kawany HDMI to RCA Cable is a heavy-duty, portable, flexible cord that comes with easy plug & play connectivity. Thanks to its unique bonded construction and design, it helps in reducing knots and tangles and keeps your workspace tidy.

Equipped with gold plated connectors, it delivers a stable and exceptional transfer of signals and transmits video signals up to 1024 x 768 res. Ideal for TVs, LCD screens, projectors and any device that is HDMI compatible, it does not work with PCs, laptops, and gaming consoles.

#8 AmazonBasics 2-Male to 2-Male RCA Audio Cable

AmazonBasics 2-Male to 2-Male RCA Audio Cable

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The AmazonBasics 2-Male to 2-Male RCA Audio Cable is a premium quality cord that is ideal for Hi-Fi systems and home entertainment purposes. Featuring 2 RCA outputs and 2 RCA inputs it aims at enhances audio connections while getting rid of unwanted noise or any feedback that is being experienced.

Made with 24K gold plated metal connectors, it is corrosion-proof and comes equipped with a double shield lining on the inside, that helps protect the entire length of the cord. Delivering clear, crisp sound quality with consistent audio signals, it comes marked in red and white colors to help with quick and easy connectivity.

#7 Hosa CMP-159 3.5 mm TRS to Dual TS Stereo Breakout Cable

Hosa CMP-159 3 5 mm TRS to Dual TS Stereo Breakout Cable

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The Hosa CMP-159 Stereo Breakout Cable is a premium quality 9-foot cord that is designed to connect to any audio device with a mini stereo phone output or 3.5mm jack. Unlike most RCA cables, this one is ideal for connecting laptops, iPods or other such devices to mixing consoles.

Featuring heavy-duty nickel-plated plugs that provide a consistent signal, it comes with oxygen-free conductors that produce accentuated signal clarity along with protective shields that work towards preventing EMI and RFI signal interference.

#6 Monoprice Premium 2 RCA Plug

Monoprice Premium 2 RCA Plug

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The Monoprice Premium 2 RCA Plug is a premium quality 2-channel audio cable that is uniquely crafted and constructed using an RG-59 75-ohm coaxial cable. Measuring 1.5 feet, this cable comes with gold plated connectors that help in the prevention of sound interference and corrosion.

Delivering high-end audio and video quality, this cable utilizes a 22AWG conductor that is specially protected to prevent EMI or RFI interference from disrupting your audio and video experience. Thanks to the red and white colors designed on the cable, it allows easy identifying and quick connectivity.

#5 RiteAV RCA Audio Video Cable

RiteAV RCA Audio Video Cable

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Featuring 3 RCA male connectors on each side, the 1RiteAV RCA Audio Video Cable comes in 3 distinguishing colors (red, yellow, and white) to help you identify each with ease and for quicker connectivity. Measuring 6 feet long, this RCA cable also comes with an RCA composite video connector and 2 stereo audio connectors.

Thanks to its gold plated design and construction, it helps in preventing any interference with the signal providing users with exceptional audio and video quality.

#4 AmazonBasics 3.5mm to 2-Male RCA Adapter Cable

AmazonBasics 3 5mm to 2-Male RCA Adapter Cable

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Designed to connect to all RCA compatible devices including smartphones, speakers, tablets, audio receivers and more, the AmazonBasics RCA Adapter Cable comes equipped with a 3.5mm ALE connector on one side and 2 male RCA connectors on the other.

Featuring a dual-shield, it comes crafted with 24k gold plated corrosion resistant metal connectors and a gold plated 3.5mm jack that delivers crisp, high quality, clear audio with minimum loss of signal. Thanks to its beveled design it ensures users receive a secure connection when plugged in, while its heavy-duty PVC casing offers durability and flexibility.

#3 RCA M/Mx3 Audio/Video Cable Gold Plated – Audio Video RCA Cable

RCA M Mx3 Audio Video Cable Gold Plated – Audio Video RCA Cable

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Measuring an impressive 25 feet, the RCA M/Mx3 Audio/Video Cable enables users to connect various devices across large distances. Thanks to its gold plated, heavy-duty connectors, it helps to reduce any interference in the audio and video signals and also avoids corrosion. Designed with color-coded connectors, it allows easy identification while connecting to other devices.

Featuring a special protective shield it helps prevent EMI and RFI interference. Equipped with an RCA composite video and 2 RCA stereo audio contacts, these cables are crafted to connect to most audio video devices like TVs, DVD players, VCRs, home theatre systems, camcorders, and more.

#2 KabelDirekt RCA Stereo Cable

KabelDirekt RCA Stereo Cable

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The KabelDirekt RCA Stereo Cable is a 2-channel RCA cable designed to deliver professional grade audio and video signals from your home audio and video players and devices. Including 2X male to 2X male audio connectors, it can be used to relay crisp & crystal clear sound from virtually any device.

Made with an oxygen-free, double coated copper core, it delivers accentuated audio quality at all times while ensuring there is no EMI and RFI interference in the signal to speak of. Thanks to the 24K gold plated connectors, it helps in the prevention of corrosion and provides the best quality connection with no signal disruptions.

#1 iXCC RCA 6ft Dual-Shielded Cable

iXCC RCA 6ft Dual-Shielded Cable

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Offering brilliant sound quality, the iXCC RCA Cable is one of the best audio cables out there, one that comes highly recommended by users from across the globe. Crafted with a dual shield for better signal protection, it comes equipped with 24K gold plated connectors that are resistant to corrosion and prevent any outside interference with the signal.

Easy to distinguish, it comes color-coded in red and white with heavy duty grips for plugging and unplugging with ease. Measuring approximately 6 feet in length, this RCA cable comes with a 3.5mm jack with a tangle-free design that makes it easy to carry and store.