10 Best Punching Bags in 2020 – Reviews

best punching bags

Punching bags are the best options for any form of workout, especially boxing, karate, and kickboxing, Muay Thai or taekwondo. That is why it is always important to get the right punching bag to help you in improving your skills while harnessing your talent. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, what matters the most is the quality of your punching bag for better workout results.

As a matter of fact, such bags are designed to help you in striking maneuvers, develop wonderful punching techniques such as cross punches, jabs, hook punches, shovel hooks, uppercuts, knee strikes and elbow strikes. Therefore, if you are intending to practice alone at home, then the following reviews of the ten best punching bags would be quite helpful.

Best Punching Bags for Perfect Training, Reviews

#10 Everlast-4004 Traditional Heavy Punching Bag 40 LBS

Everlast-4004 Traditional Heavy Punching Bag 40 LBS

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Everlast-4004 is designed with durable nevatear synthetic materials (leather), which covers the outer shell giving the entire equipment some toughness it requires. You can, however, attach the bag to the floor using the bottom thread if you want to achieve greater stability.

The bag weighs 40lbs and it is only 30-inches in length making it ideal for anyone under 140lbs. To add on that, it is perfect for you if you are out there for light workouts due to its swinging nature.

#9 Title Leather-Classic Heavy-Bag 150 LBS

Title Leather-Classic Heavy-Bag 150 LBS

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Title Leather Heavy-Bag has an extra thick and top quality cowhide leather materials. It measures 18 by 48-inches. Also, the bag has a bottom D-ring to help you to tie it down on the ground.

Most importantly, the bag is designed to withstand any impact that any human can possibly dish out. If you are above the middleweight with a good punching power, Title Leather-Classic Heavy-Bag is a better option for you. The bag is built to take a lot of punching without swinging around all the time.

#8 Ring Leather Heavy-Bag 100 LBS

Ring Leather Heavy-Bag 100 LBS

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Ringside is a solid heavy duty punching bag with leather construction. The bag has sturdy stitching as well as rivets that support leather hanging straps. With a soft two-inch foam liner, you can be sure of some comfort when punching its surface.

Also, the same layer of foam gives an impression or a feeling of punching a human body in the process. Ringside has been in existence for quite long and it is one of the best brands among the boxing gear. It weighs 100 lbs. which makes it heavy and sturdy at the same time. The bag comes in two colors to choose from; red or black.

#7 Century BOB XL

Century BOB XL

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When you think of something unique in terms of construction, what should come into your mind is the Century BOB XL. The punching bag is man-shaped giving you an impression of a life-like structure to motivate you in your self-defense training.

It is the most unique of the punching bags you can think of given that it is a freestanding equipment complete with a head and torso which enables you to have more striking surface while training.

The entire body is made of plastisol and it is filled with urethane foam to give you a realistic feeling when striking or punching it. Its base is designed to hold 270 pounds of sand or water.

#6 Outslayer Boxing & MMA Heavy Bag

Outslayer Boxing & MMA Heavy Bag

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If you want something that is super-durable, Outslayer Boxing & MMA Heavy Bag should be first on your shopping list. The bag is designed for taking a beating more and more times, unlike the standard punching bags. Most significantly, Outslayer works perfectly to minimize cases of normal wear and tear while using it for a long time.

Moreover, this 100-pound bag has a durable vinyl cover that you can use when moving around or keeping it. With a body length of 55″ with 6″ of straps and a diameter of 14″, this bag shows superior features that make it durable.

#5 Combat-Sports Muay Thai-100-Pound Heavy

Combat-Sports Muay Thai-100-Pound Heavy

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Are you looking for that punching bag you can throw heavy leg kicks or use your hands at the same time? If yes, then Combat-Sports Muay Thai is here for you. The bag has an extra length to provide you with enough room for throwing super low kicks.

Apart from that, the bag is solid and it is made of durable materials (synthetic leather) measuring about 74.5 by 15 by 15-inches including the heavy duty chain. The shipping weight is 108 pounds.

#4 RDX Punching Bag

RDX Punching Bag

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If you are a total beginner without experience or equipment, RDX Punching Bag can be very helpful for you. This is a perfect punching bag because it comes with chains, brackets and fittings that you can easily use to hang it anywhere you want. Additionally, there are bag gloves, grip strengtheners and skipping rope that are all designed to assist you in your work out.

For this equipment, you should expect quality that goes hand in hand with great value. Better still, the bag is waterproof meaning that you can use it anywhere regardless of the prevailing weather conditions.

#3 Everlast Free-Standing Heavy Duty Punching Bag

Everlast Free-Standing Heavy Duty Punching Bag

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Unlike other punching bags, Everlast Omniflex-Free-Standing is a great option if you are looking to purchase a free standing bag. In fact, Everlast is a product of high-quality materials you can trust. It features the low-profile base designed with an Omni flex neck to help you in absorbing any impact while keeping it firm. The bag comes with the nevatear outer shell for maximum functionality and durability.

It can weigh up to 130 pounds when filled with water and you can adjust it up to 67-inches in height to accommodate multiple body types. But one of the most unique features on Everlast Omniflex is the semi-soft absorbent form in the bag that enables you to punch harder without causing sores on your hands.

#2 Last Punch Heavy-Duty-Pro Punching Bag

Last Punch Heavy-Duty-Pro Punching Bag

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There are all types of punching bags you can find in the market today, but if you are looking for something that you can trust and rely on within your budget, then shift your attention to the Last PunchHeavy-Duty-Pro. The bag gives you an option to fill it with anything provided that you achieve your main objective in working out. This means that instead of discarding your old clothes, you can find a better use for them in this type of punching bag.

The bag measures 50-inches lengthwise with chains, and about 33-inches (without chains), but the width is 18-inches and the whole product weighs 3 pounds, making it a great bag for your boxing practice.

#1 Everlast 70-Pound-MMA HeavyBag

Everlast 70-Pound-MMA HeavyBag

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Everlast 70-Pound comes with almost everything you need to in a punching bag. The bag uses either synthetic or natural materials as fillers to give you that solid 70-pound workhorse. Also, you will get a 108 set of wrist wraps to keep your hands safe while working out.

If that is not enough, this punching bag includes boxing gloves as well as bungee cord as part of the entire package. There are various hanging options you can choose from especially when you want to change positions to suit your needs while working out at home.