10 Best Nail Files in 2020 – Reviews

best nail file

It is very important when looking for a nail file to inspect the pliability of the tool, the rigidity, and whether it is well-cushioned or not. This has been the case since forever with nail files but even more so with modern models that aren’t really built to exceptional standards.

Then again, you shouldn’t exactly expect the impossible from your average nail file, not unless you did your research prior to that. To save you the trouble, we put together a list of the ten best nail files the market has to offer in an effort to give you a better idea of what’s out there.

Best Nail Files, Reviews

#10 Revlon Salon Series Professional Nail File

Revlon Salon Series Professional Nail File

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Made by expert craftsmen, the Revlon Salon Series Professional Nail File is a high-quality double-sided file that features 2 grits with a sapphire coating. Including one side that can be used to file and one side to smoothen out the edges, this file is ideal for natural as well as acrylic nails.

Constructed with high-quality stainless steel, it comes with a cold-forged handle that offers optimum grip and a good hold. Light in weight and compact in size, it is uniquely balanced for better weight control and is perfect for carrying around in your bag or purse.

#9 MrGreen Stainless Steel Nail File

MrGreen Stainless Steel Nail File

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Designed for manicures, the MrGreen Stainless Steel Nail File is known for its premium quality and performance. Featuring dual sided textured surfaces, it helps to file nails with ease, leaving them smoother and finer. Made from high-quality Japanese 420j2 stainless steel, which is usually used to make surgical tools, this nail file is ultra-sturdy, durable and resistant to rust.

Small in size and light in weight it is easy to carry around and ideal for travel purposes. Along with this heavy-duty nail file, users will also get a deluxe leather case that offers protection when not in use.

#8 Single Sided Crystal Glass Manicure Tool

Single Sided Crystal Glass Manicure Tool

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This particular tool is a sturdy, long-lasting nail file that comes designed with a double-sided textured surface. Made from high-quality metal, it features a fine grit that helps shape out your natural nails, leaving them smooth and healthy. Equipped with a sturdy handle that is comfortable to hold, it offers a good grip and fits in your hands easily.

Compact in size and light in weight, it easily fits into your bag or purse and is ideal to carry with you while traveling. Measuring 5.25 inches in length, one side of the file features a fine surface that helps to shape the nails, while the other, extra fine grit helps smoothen out the edges.

#7 Zizzon Stainless Steel Nail File

Zizzon Stainless Steel Nail File

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Made from premium quality stainless steel, the Nail File from Zizzon is a sturdy and efficient product that offers optimum durability. Featuring 4 textured surfaces, this nail file can be utilized on natural nails, acrylic nails, thick nails as well as toenails. Measuring 7 inches in length, it features a sturdy black handle that is designed with a good grip and easy to hold.

For better storage, it comes equipped with a leather sheath, making it easy to carry around. Unlike most of its kind, it also comes crafted with teeth on the edges to help file away the nails in corners and hard to reach areas.

#6 Teenitor Nail File

Teenitor Nail File

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Featuring a textured, rough and gritty surface, the Teenitor Nail File is a professional grade filing and buffer set that can easily smoothen out the rough edges of your nails. It also helps with removing the glue left behind after removing your nail extensions and stick on nails.

Available in a pack of 10 pieces, this set can be utilized to file nails, remove large ridges, buffer, smoothen and add a shine to your natural nails. Made with strong materials, this double-sided nail file will help to keep your nails smooth, shiny and in good shape. Ideal for professional salons, it can also be used at home.

#5 Sapphie Pocket Nail File by 3 Swords Germany

Sapphie Pocket Nail File by 3 Swords Germany

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This is a premium grade stainless steel product designed for manicures, pedicures, strengthening, and scraping your fingernails and toenails. Keeping your nails healthy, smooth and filed down to the size you want, this nail file leaves your nails healthy and shiny.

Equipped with a sturdy, soft-touch handle, it offers a comfortable and sturdy grip and an equally reliable hold. Thanks to its pointy tip, it helps with cleaning under your nails, while its uniquely crafted textured surface helps to prevent splitting and breakage.

#4 Revlon Compact Emeryl File

Revlon Compact Emeryl File

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Uniquely designed with high-quality Emeryl, this durable compact nail file from Revlon helps in reducing and controlling nail splits and breakage. Thanks to its well-designed pointy tip, it allows quick and easy cleaning under the nails. Sturdy, long-lasting and extremely efficient, this nail file is light in weight and small enough to fit into any purse or wallet with ease.

For best results, always ensure your nails are dry before you file them to prevent peeling. For shaping, use the shaping section of the nail file, whereas for smooth edges, always use the finishing side of the file.

#3 Diamon Deb Nail File

Diamon Deb Nail File

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Crafted with a diamond crystal textured surface, the Diamon Deb Nail File aims at shaping nails while preventing them from peeling and splitting. Measuring 8 inches in length, this nail tool is made from high-quality stainless steel is resistant to rust and comes with its own sleeve.

Light in weight, compact in size and easy to carry, it helps in smoothening out sharp-edged, freshly cut nails. For best results, always remember to file in a single direction from the side of the nail to its tip. Filing down the side of the nail tends to weaken the nails, causing them to break easily.

#2 OPI Crystal Nail Files

OPI Crystal Nail Files

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What makes this particular file stand out is the fact that it was constructed with hardened glass with a textured abrasive surface, the OPI Crystal Nail File is a professional grade, high-quality product. Designed to prevent peeling and chipping, this nail file is ultra-durable and can be disinfected after every use to ensure optimum hygiene and safety.

Light in weight and compact in size, it can be easily carried around in your wallet or bag and is travel-friendly. Measuring 5.6 inches in length, this premium grade nail file is highly recommended by professionals and utilized in salons and nail studios all across the globe.

#1 Mont Bleu Crystal Nail Files in Velvet Pouch

Mont Bleu Crystal Nail Files in Velvet Pouch

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Designed with a smooth velvet surface, the Mont Bleu Set of 3 Crystal Nail Files aim at improving the health of your nails and cuticles. Thanks to the special filing surface, it helps in accurate shaping of your nails. Built to last, it features strong Mpa Czech-tempered glass that is ultra-durable and sturdy.

In addition to shaping your nails, these nail files also prevent splitting and easy breakage and helps to keep the nails smooth and strong. Available in a pack of 3, these handmade nail files measure 7.67 inches, 5.31 inches, and 3.54 inches each.