10 Best Lightsabers – 2020 Reviews

best lightsabers

Looking for the most realistic and best lightsabers? A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away the lightsaber was the iconic weapon of the Jedi Knight. It was a lightsaber that turned the tide in some of the most infamous battles of the Clone Wars, against Sith Lords in technique driven, force powered combat, and in duels with the fate of the universe lying at stake. In the hands of the force sensitive a lightsaber can be the galaxy’s redeemer, or a ruthless symbol of tyranny.

Today, the lightsaber is one of pop culture’s most renowned weapons thanks to the incredible longevity and popularity of the Star Wars franchise. Regardless if you grew up in 1977, 1999, or 2015, owning your own lightsaber has been the dream of every Star Wars fan and these days you can come closer than ever to wielding the real thing.

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Below we’ll take a look at a variety of different options available on Amazon today, from toys, to replicas, to sporting models, to determine the ten best lightsabers that any Star Wars fan would turn to the dark side for.

Best Realistic Lightsabers for Any Star Wars Fans

#10 Hasbro Star Wars Ezra Bridger Lightsaber Blaster

Hasbro Star Wars Ezra Bridger Lightsaber Blaster

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The hero of Disney XD’s Star Wars Rebels, Ezra Bridger, much like Luke Skywalker, grew up on an out of the way planet controlled by the Empire and wishing he could do something about it. His unique lightsaber/ blaster combo allowed him to combat the evil forces that controlled his home and now it can be yours!

This play grade lightsaber from Hasbro extends twenty inches and launches two Nerf darts simultaneously while another four darts can be stored in the lightsaber’s hilt. The locking mechanism keeps the blade contained until you need it, and electronic blaster and lightsaber sounds make you feel like Stormtroopers may come marching around the corner at any moment!

#9 Airhawk Star Wars Black Series Obi-Wan Kenobi

Airhawk Star Wars Black Series Obi-Wan Kenobi

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The lightsaber Obi-Wan Kenobi used in his final duel against his fallen apprentice in A New Hope and later kept by a young Luke Skywalker as his own is one of the Saga’s most beloved and legendary sabers. Airhawk’s Star Wars Black series does an amazing job of bringing this weapon, and a variety of others, to life in stunning detail.

This lightsaber features movie authentic design as well as the perfectly reproduced trademarked hum and clashing sounds. Featuring a metal hilt and display stand, this lightsaber is collector quality and will delight fans of any age.

#8 Hasbro Star Wars Signature Series Kit Fisto

Hasbro Star Wars Signature Series Kit Fisto

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A fan favorite, Kit Fisto led countless clone troopers against separatist forces during the final days of the Clone Wars before the execution of order 66. This intricately detailed lightsaber from Hasbro’s Star Wars Signature Series features a movie replica metal hilt as well as removal blade and high quality stand for display options.

The saber glows an intense green with authentic power up and down effects and four digitally recorded sound effects from the films. The lightsaber also includes a belt attachment for carry.

#7 Hasbro Anakin to Vader Color Change Saber

Hasbro Anakin to Vader Color Change Saber

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This play grade quality lightsaber, now discontinued by Hasbro, may be one of the most sought after lightsaber collectibles. The color changing capabilities of this saber reflect Anakin Skywalker’s decision to turn to the dark side by shifting from blue to red when cycled through with the ignition button.

The lightsaber supports fast or slow color transition and features power up and down effects as well as sensor motion controlled sounds.

#6 YDD Saber Katana Saber

YDD Saber Katana Saber

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This sporting saber from Chinese designers YDD Saber is ready to take on the most evil Sith Lord, or powerful Jedi Knight. Designed to look like a cross between a lightsaber and the Samurai’s iconic Katana sword, the YDD Saber Katana lightsaber is build for light dueling.

The hilt is crafted from 6061 Aluminium alloy and the 36 inch blade is made of removable Poly Carbonate. The YDD Katana has a variety of sound fonts that can be cycled through and placed on repeat as well as various color options to choose from for your blade.

#5 Kyber Multi-Color Changing Saber

Kyber Multi-Color Changing Saber

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This simple yet stylish lightsaber is the design of noted sporting saber designer Kyber. This lighsaber features a hilt of 6061 aircraft grade Aluminum alloy that can interlock with another Kyber saber to form a double bladed weapon.

The saber’s nine watt glow has eleven light options to choose from. Three separate sound modes offer FX movie authentic effects. Sound and brightness are adjustable. This lightsaber is duel ready.

#4 Airhawk Star Wars Black Series Kylo Ren

Airhawk Star Wars Black Series Kylo Ren

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Another incredible option from Airhawk’s exceptional Black series, this Kylo Ren replica saber offers a variety of features that make it the perfect collectible. The metal hilt features Ren’s trademark hand guard as well as movie authentic design and ‘battle damage’.

Realistic lighting and quality sound effects set this lightsaber over the top. The included display stand offers a variety of display options.

#3 YDD Saber Darth Maul Double Saber

YDD Saber Darth Maul Double Saber

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Another installment from YDD Saber, this sporting saber can bring all the menace of the Maul himself to your duel. With a high quality interlocking metal hilt, this lightsaber provides the ability to fight with a dual blade, two separate sabers, or to switch out mid-combat.

The dark side hums through this saber with three separate sound modes and a mute option. This saber is an excellent option for heavy dueling.

#2 Hasbro Star Wars Blade Builders Jedi Master Saber

Hasbro Star Wars Blade Builders Jedi Master Saber

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This awesome play grade lightsaber option is one of the more unique offerings when it comes to constructing your own version of the weapon.

Hasbro’s Blade Builder Jedi Master set provides you with a blue bladed, 20 inch lightsaber, two lightdaggers, expansion hilt, cross connector, dual connector, and two elbow connectors to build your own multi-bladed saber.

Both the lightsaber and dagger blades illuminate and produce sound effects.

#1 Hasbro Star Wars Signature Series Mace Windu

Hasbro Star Wars Signature Series Mace Windu

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Hasbro’s Star Wars Signature series has produced some of the most movie authentic lightsaber replicas to date and this saber, owned by Jedi Master and head of the Jedi Council, Mace Windu, is one of the most impressive offerings.

This collectible grade lightsaber is an intricately detailed reproduction of the lightsaber Master Windu used most famously in his battle with Emperor Palpatine in Revenge of the Sith.

Four digital sound effects from the film and the saber’s mesmerizing purple glow add a new realm of realism to this replica and the removal blade, high quality stand, and belt clip allow for multiple display or carry options.

Buying Guide – Best Lightsabers

Tens of years have passed and Star wars fandom is still thriving both online and in real lives. People continue cosplaying Jedi and showing their love for the series. But every Jedi is incomplete without their elegant weapon; the Lightsaber.

Well, unfortunately, you can get a real Lightsaber right now but there are tons of realistic looking Lightsabers available in the market. These harmless weapons can give you the experience of being a Jedi. And we are here to help you find the best Lightsaber for you.

Consider the following features before buying the Lightsaber to ensure you chose the right one for your battle.

Dueling or Display

First and foremost you would have to decide why you want the Lightsaber. Because of the realistic Lightsabers for dueling and display are not the same. This does not mean that you cannot display a Lightsaber you both for dueling. But the realistic Lightsabers for display purposes only may lack few key features that make cosplaying more fun.

Strong Handle and Durable Blade

Having a strong built can increase the lifetime of your Lightsaber. It also helps the Lightsaber look more realistic in comparison with others. Try to find the product that feels strong in hand as it will also help in dueling. In addition to that, a durable blade is a must unless you want your Lightsaber to break when clashing with others.

Blade Color Options

Most Lightsabers come in only one color so either the blade is purple or green. This can be a good start if this is your first ever Lightsaber or buying it as a gift. But most cosplayers love to own color-changing Lightsabers as this is visually pleasing for the audience. This type of color-changing blade would also be better for displaying. Because you can match it with different interiors.

Different Sound Effects

This feature is solely for people who would love to duel or cosplay with their Lightsabers. Companies are introducing Lightsabers that make special FX sound when the blades clash. The most realistic Lightsabers have multiple different sound effects for different combat styles. This sound effect feature not only makes the experience better for the player but also more realistic for the audience.

Main Power Source

There are mainly two types of Lightsabers when it comes to the main power source. One uses AA replaceable battery and another option is rechargeable batteries. Now, this is up to you whichever option you find most suitable. As if you are traveling to different countries rechargeable battery is better as you cannot carry multiple batteries around. On the other hand, when displaying the Lightsaber does not use all the features. So, a replaceable battery would be more convenient and last longer. Just make sure if you are getting a rechargeable Lightsaber then the charger suits your countries voltage. For the USA the average voltage is 110-120 meanwhile in Europe it is 220-240.


It can be exciting to get the most realistic looking Lightsaber. But before starting looking for one set a budget for yourself. You can find amazing products under $100 if you try to. It is also possible that the same Lightsaber is listed with a higher price on one website than others. Usually, the one color blade with 1 or no sound effect is affordable. But for cosplayers, it is better to invest in something more deluxe and durable.

Manufacturer Warranty

No matter which product you are buying look if it comes with a warranty. Having a warranty as short as 1 year is better than none. Most Lightsabers come with a 1-year warranty and 30 days return policy. This can be helpful is the product came broken or did not suit your taste.