10 Best Hand Sanitizers in 2020 – Reviews

best hand sanitizer

What do the common cold, seasonal flu and swine flu all have in common?

They can be transmitted via airborne means, such as when an infected person coughs or sneezes, or when shaking hands. Moreover, these viruses, along with other communicable bacteria and germs can live for a long time on computer keyboards, ATM pads, elevator buttons, door knobs, toilet handles and other common contact surfaces.

What’s a person to do other than to obsessively wash his or her hands every hour? The answer is simpler than you’d think.

Hand sanitizers are the go-to solution when traditional hand-washing isn’t available. Washing your hands for 20 seconds or so (roughly the equivalent of a Happy Birthday song) is still the best way to stave off infections, the flu and harmful bacteria, but a hand sanitizer will effectively work in a pinch.

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Check out our list of the 10 best hand sanitizers you can buy right now and carry with you wherever you go. Remember, the proper way to use it is to coat your hands thoroughly so that it takes 15 to 20 seconds to completely dry.

Best Hand Sanitizers, Reviews

#10 Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer Gel Refreshing Aloe

Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer Gel Refreshing Aloe

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Purell is a popular brand of hand sanitizer that boasts a high concentration of ethyl alcohol. In studies, it was found that ethyl alcohol has a 99.9% killing rate for germs and bacteria that could prove to be harmful for your health.

Aloe vera is added as an active ingredient, which in itself provides a number of benefits, including moisturizing and protection from redness, cracking and dryness. All the ingredients in the hand sanitizer are proven to be safe, so don’t be afraid to use it as needed.

#9 Cleanwell Natural Hand Sanitizer Spray

Cleanwell Natural Hand Sanitizer Spray

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Cleanwell’s spray hand sanitizer is touted as an all-natural product without any chemical additives, artificial scents or alcohol. Thyme oil is added as the active ingredient, which doesn’t irritate or dry out your skin from constant use.

Other than that, the spray sanitizer contains a mix of concentrated essential oils such as Oregano Leaf oil, Aloe leaf juice and Orange oil which your skin will love.

#8 Babyganics Foaming Hand Sanitizer

Babyganics Foaming Hand Sanitizer

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There’s nothing more important than protecting your newborn baby from harm, including flu, bacteria and infections. For this reason you’ll need to consider getting the Babyganics Foaming Hand Sanitizer, a kid-friendly sanitizer that you can use whenever your young one starts discovering the world around him.

In addition, you can use the foam sanitizer on your child’s favorite toys so you won’t have to worry about them getting sick when they put it on their mouth. It’s mild and doesn’t contain dyes, parabens, sulfates, triclosan or synthetic fragrances.

#7 Purell Hand Sanitizing Wipes

Purell Hand Sanitizing Wipes

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Purell’s Hand Wipes are disposable towels sanitized to kill the most common viruses and bacteria. The wipes themselves are moisturized to effectively wipe away dirt on clothes, soiled surfaces and clean hands while killing 99 percent of germs.

The cleaning solution is gentle and good for the skin too. Moreover, you’ll be able to use the hand wipes on the most sensitive skin parts and your face as much as you want without experiencing any side effect.

#6 EO Botanical Hand Sanitizer Gel, Lavender

EO Botanical Hand Sanitizer Gel, Lavender

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The lavender-based hand sanitizer from EO comes in an industrial-sized offering, which is good for those who are always cleaning their hands. The gel solution kills 99 percent of germs and is made of pure organic ethanol, derived from vegetable glycerin, sugar cane and vitamin E to keep your hands clean.

EO has added quality essential oils that smells great and provides a therapeutic boost. It’s the biggest hand sanitizer in the list and yet it doesn’t have any gluten or synthetic compounds.

#5 Art Naturals Natural Hand Sanitizer

Art Naturals Natural Hand Sanitizer

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Art Naturals offer 4 different varieties to their hand sanitizer products- Tea Tree Oil, Lavender, Coconut or Scent-Free, each with their own benefits. All the hand sanitizers are proven to fight fungus, bacteria and germs with 99 percent efficacy.

You get a quick-dry formula that lowers the risk of acquiring the flu, colds and virus infections. Depending on what you chose, you’ll be getting natural botanical oils such as Jojoba, Sunflower seed and aloe vera, fruit extracts and vitamin E. All four products may be used for all skin types and are hypoallergenic.

#4 Wet Ones Antibacterial Hand and Face Wipes

Wet Ones Antibacterial Hand and Face Wipes

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Wet Ones has the perfect product that you can bring along with you wherever you go. The Singles and Travel Pack variants wipe bacteria, viruses and germs off your hands or any surface you apply them to.

Each wipe contains aloe vera, which doubles as a natural moisturizer and skin refresher. While in theory they’re not strictly hand sanitizers, the portability makes them ideal carry-ons on the road or when you travel overseas.

#3 Mountain Falls Advanced Hand Sanitizer with Vitamin E

Mountain Falls Advanced Hand Sanitizer with Vitamin E

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Mountain Falls’ hand sanitizer solution is effective in killing 99 percent of all common germs that cause illness.

The all-original advanced formula contains vitamin E, which leaves your hands and skin feeling soft. Moreover, the product is vegan and not tested on animals, which says a lot about the company.

#2 Bath & Body Works – Fresh Picks Pocketback Hand Sanitizer Gels

Bath & Body Works - Fresh Picks Pocketback Hand Sanitizer Gels

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The 5-pack Sanitizer from Bath & Body Works combine powerful germ-killing agents and natural ingredients to keep your hands clean, fragrant and moisturized.

You also get a different scent in each bottle in the set. Most importantly, the hand sanitizing solution keeps your hands clean even when there’s no water and soap available.

#1 Avagard D 3M Healthcare Sanitizer Hand Gel with Moisturizer

Avagard D 3M Healthcare Sanitizer Hand Gel with Moisturizer

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The Avagard Hand Sanitizer is a product of 3M with a mission to replace anti-microbial soap and traditional handwashing while you’re on the go. The antiseptic solution is a waterless, scrubless method that’s similar to prepping up for surgery.

You get top-notch microbial protection for up to 6 hours on a broad range of microorganisms, including ones that are resistant to antibiotics. The sanitizer also keeps your skin smooth, moisturized and maintains skin barrier integrity, thanks to an emollient lotion base.


Buying Guide – Best Hand Sanitizers

Even though, the important aspect of keeping oneself sound and healthy comes from a regular hand-washing, water and soaps aren’t always available, and the COVID-19 has shown how important it is to keep alternatives like hand sanitizers along with us at all times, to avoid any potential diseases. And this is why you should consider these factors while opting to buy a hand-sanitizer that is effective and keep your skin healthy.

Alcohol-based and Type

The presence of Alcohol in the hand-sanitizer plays a vital role in killing germs and micro-organisms that are harmful to the self. It is said to kill the germs up to 60% to 90%. Coupled with this, it is also essential to look for the type of Alcohol that has been utilized in its making since ethyl Alcohol is said to be more effective as compared to isopropyl alcohol in killing viruses and is less dangerous to the skin. Purell advanced gel-refreshing hand sanitizer is one of the famous brands that comprise of ethyl alcohol and is known for eliminating the germs for up to the rate of 99.9%. EO botanical hand-sanitizer is also the best one to kill germs up to 99% and consists of organic ethyl alcohol.


Hand sanitizers that incorporate a detailed Quality Control (QC) check are more often believed to be more secure and safe as compared to the sanitizers that don’t undergo the proper stages of the quality control process. Therefore, the sanitizers that provide appropriate evidence on their bottles for the quality assurance must be preferable. Such as EO botanical sanitizer is good with quality and is smoother enough to be therapeutic.


Scented and Unscented hand sanitizers predominantly play a role as well and are considered as one of the features that genuinely alters the consumer’s buying preference. Such as the Bath & Bodyworks has a variety of hand sanitizers with the soft fragrances and is highly favored. The combination of different oils that are used as the ingredients also adds up an elite smell in the sanitizers, EO botanical Lavender gel is one of the examples.

Skincare Advantages

The other benefits that the hand sanitizer is providing are one of the factors that are most often observed. This includes Art Natural Hand sanitizer which is said to be free from all the chemicals and employs natural ingredients such as coconut, lavender, and Tea-tree oil that smoothens the skin, is also consistent with all skin types and is known to be an anti-allergic sanitizer. Moreover, The Purell brand provides you with healthy and moisturizing skin and constant protection from de-hydration of skin and redness. The Hand wipes of the same brand are also useful for the sensitive regions of the skin without causing irritability which is a plus point. Most of the hand sanitizers also contain aloe Vera that heals burns and remove acne as well.

Age Appropriate

One of the superior elements to consider is for which age bracket the sanitizer is required because while adults could be interested to buy any hand sanitizer, children are more often sensitive to the high alcoholic element that might not work well with their skin thereby sanitizers that are usually light and gentle with the skin and free from the artificial smells, chemicals like sulfates are more eye-catching. This includes the Babyganics Foam and Cleanwell natural hand sanitizers.


It is better to know about the budget and the price range before making an actual purchase and considering that if the product comes in align with your interest and is reasonable enough, it is good to go. However, it is usually believed that the sanitizers that offer low prices compromise on their qualities more or less, therefore paying high prices for the brands that are known for their USP’s and utilizes the best ingredients shouldn’t be much of an issue. One such example would include the hand sanitizers of the Bath & Bodyworks-a very well known brand with the USP of incorporating the natural ingredients so hand sanitizers with comparatively high prices are preferable.

Skin Type

Sanitizers should be chosen according to the type of skin you inherit. If your skin is dry and sensitive it is better to go for the sanitizers that have rich natural ingredients and Aloe Vera which moisturize the skin such as sanitizers of Purell brand and Cleanwell Natural Hand sanitizers. Art naturals natural Hand sanitizer works well with all the skin types and prevents skin irritations and itching. It is important to read out the ingredients before opting for the best hand sanitizer.