10 Best Dive Knives of 2020 – Reviews

best diving knife

A high quality, sturdy, reliable dive knife is an often overlooked yet absolutely essential tool for any diver. Regardless of what kind of diving you have on your agenda, a dive knife can greatly assist in underwater work, make an excellent sporting accessory, or even be a saving grace in an emergency situation. Knowing what you need and what you’re looking for is an important first step in buying the right dive knife for you.

There are a few simple tips to consider before buying a dive knife. For instance, if diving in salt water and needing to avoid rust, a high grade titanium blade is recommended. However, stainless steel is also a viable option. Titanium is harder to care for and sharpen but will retain its quality longer, whereas stainless steel is easier to care for and sharpen, but upkeep will be required more frequently. Both types of metal are corrosive resistant making them both prime options for crafting diving knives.

In addition, when considering whether to purchase a blunted tip option, or sharp tip, take into consideration the type of job you will be doing. Many sporting divers prefer sharp tipped dive knives for fishing and self defense, whereas maintenance divers may prefer blunt tips for more utility purposes. Below we’ll take a deep dive into several different variations of dive knife to help with your purchase decision.

Choose the Best Dive Knife for Your Needs:

#10 Fury Tactical Extreme Dive Knife

Fury Tactical Extreme Dive Knife

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This efficient and unique dive knife from Fury tactical is designed with the sporting diver in mind. The extreme blade point on the Extreme is custom crafted to quickly and easily kill and fillet fish.

The Fury Tactical Extreme features a blade of 3.25 inches of 440 stainless steel, with an overall length of 7.75 inches. The knife’s Kraton sheath features a quick release feature and is included with legs straps as well as hose or BDC clamps.

#9 U.S. Divers Titanium Five Inch Knife

US Divers Titanium Five Inch Knife

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This full tang five inch diver’s knife from U.S. Divers is the high quality helping hand every salt water diver needs in their BDC. The titanium blade sits sturdily with the frame of the handle with no give and allows for complete disassembly for thorough cleaning.

With a full length of nine and a half inches long, this dive knife features a serrated upper blade for cutting through almost anything, as well as a line cutter at the bottom for sporting or emergency use. In Addition, U.S. Diver’s offer a two year warranty.

#8 Scubapro Mako Titanium Dive Knife

Scubapro Mako Titanium Dive Knife

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From noted scuba gear designers Scubapro, this titanium dive knife features a multitude of high quality features that can be utilized by every diver. With extreme corrosion resistance, the Mako is an excellent salt water ally that won’t rust up when you need it most.

The titanium construction also allows for the knife’s light weight. The water resistant sheath allows for easy carry on your person or in your BDC and the multi-utility blade features a conventional edge, line cutter, and serrated edge.

#7 XS Scuba FogCutter X

XS Scuba FogCutter X

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Constructed of 420 stainless steel, the XS Scuba Fogcutter is a uniquely bladed option with multi-faceted abilities. This knife’s patent shears can cut through almost anything and the positive locking feature ensures accommodation when you need either a knife or shears, but not the other.

Chromoplate treatment aids in preventing rust and corrosion and keeping this knife/shear combo of the highest quality. Rubber straps for carry on your person or in your BDC are included.

#6 Cressi Alligator Scissors and Knife

Cressi Alligator Scissors and Knife

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Another shear/knife combo, the Alligator from the renowned Cressi is a high quality option ideal for maintenance or sporting diving.

The Alligator’s Japanese 420 stainless steel blade is specially treated to prevent corrosion and rust and locks in place sturdily to provide you with either the traditional razor sharp cutting edge, or versatile shears.

The contained and cohesive sheath allows for multiple modes of carry.

#5 Mares Beta Titanium Knife

Mares Beta Titanium Knife

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Made of ultra-hard titanium and sporting a blade of 3.5 inches, the Mares Beta is proof that excellent things can come in tight, reliable packaging.

The folding mechanism of the Mares Beta provides excellent transportation and the custom ground serrations on the blade allow for cutting through whatever you need to. The Mares Beta is corrosion and abrasion resistance and fits perfectly in your BDC.

#4 Aqua Lung Argonaut

Cressi Borg

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The incredible looking and performing Aqua Lung Argonaut truly lives up to its namesake. The four millimeter thick, 4 7/8 long blade is made of highly corrosion resistant titanium with an EDP coating and features the option of the Spartan tip, excellent for spear fishing, or the blunt tip for utility purposes.

Both versions feature a serrated and traditional cutting edge. The single piece knife features a 4 7/8 long handle wrapped in seven feet of five millimeter paracord. The two millimeter thick Kydex sheath provides a light weight housing for this amazing blade.

#3 Cressi Borg

Aqua Lung Argonaut

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Another installment from Cressi, the Borg is a knife solely constructed for utilization during diving. Featuring both blunted and pointed tip options the blade of the Borg is made of 305 stainless steel with one side serrated and the other traditionally straight edged.

The Borg’s locking mechanism on the sheath allows for one hand use. The Cressi Borg features a blade length of 5.51 inches and an overall length of 10.43 inches. The included straps allow for leg carry.

#2 Spyderco Atlantic

Spyderco Atlantic

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This dive knife from legendary blade makers Spyderco features all the companies usual quality offerings as well as multiple advantages for divers specifically. With a 3.5 inch folding blade crafted from rust impervious H-1 steel, the Spyderco Atlantic offers sustainability in a package that can be carried almost anywhere.

A high strength locking mechanism ensures that the Atlantic’s blade only releases when you need it and the fiberglass reinforced injection molded handle provides for a positive grip. The Spyderco Atlantic is available in black and yellow.

#1 Cressi Lima

Cressi Lima

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Featuring a 2.95 inch 420 Japanese steel blade, the Cressi Lima is a small, yet versatile, tactical dive knife perfect for sport divers or spear fishermen.

The non-slip handle makes sure that your grip is true even when your completely submersed and the locking mechanism allows for one hand utilization when you need the Lima the most.

The blade features both a serrated and traditional straight edge as well as line cutter. The provided straps allow for carry on the arm, leg, or BDC.