10 Best Canned Sardines You Should Try – 2020 Picks

best canned sardines

Sardines are the world’s best and richest source for Omega 3’. Not to mention, Omega 3’ is one of the most helpful fatty acid that delivers unparalleled health benefits. Most of the people would want the best quality in terms of the product and packing. Further, only few brands are well known, but there are also several other brands which possess high standards. Also, several flavors and fishes from various parts of the world can be tasted from these brands. Precisely, not all sardines tastes same.

There are brands which are committed to provide the best to their customers. Moreover, they keep strict checks on filtering the even sized fishes, and process at high standard facilities. Also, there are a wide range of flavors available across brands, some of the flavors can make you fall in love for lifetime. When it comes to choosing a brand, people would prefer the top ones who spend a lot of money on advertisements. But there are more brands out there who spend money on increasing the quality and sustainability.

Generally, Sardines are rich in vitamins, proteins, and fatty acids. Adding it to the diet can increase the overall health. Not only that, smoked sardines makes a great snack for all seasons and especially a wonderful addition to your salads and sandwiches. Now it’s all about choosing the brands and flavors.

10 Best & Most Delicious Canned Sardines

#10 Wild Planet Sardines in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Wild Planet Sardines in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Wild Planet is a well received brand among sardine lovers. Their Sardine cans are processed and canned at Vietnam. It contains about 590mg of Omega 3 fatty acid in one can.

These are the best tasting sardine cans, slightly smoked sardines feels firm and meaty. Not too damped or dried out, it feels fresh and juicy. It is smoked only to the level where the flesh remains tender.

  • Packed in Extra Virgin Olive oil
  • Carefully Smoked
  • Caught in North pacific
  • Gluten Free

#9 Season Skinless and Boneless in Water

Season Skinless and Boneless in Water

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Season is one of the good brands that offers sustainable sardines at reasonable price range. Get the Skinless and boneless sardines packed in water to enjoy the best taste.

Processed and packed by skilled employees focusing on the purity and quality. Packaging is done by following professional methods using well versed staff.

  • Bones and Skin removed
  • 800mg of Omega 3
  • Zero salt added
  • Packed with Water

#8 King Oscar Skinless and Boneless Sardines Spanish Style

King Oscar Skinless and Boneless Sardines Spanish Style

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King Oscar promises you the best Norwegian Brisling Sardines. Further, Saves you the pain of cooking, this is a ready to eat sardine treat. Handpicked sardines are processed with extreme care and hand packed to deliver the ultimate quality and taste.

Cooking and processing are managed by the most experienced people, made with high quality ingredients to deliver the extra ordinarily good taste.

  • Bones and Skins removed
  • Packed with Olive oil
  • Sliced carrots and pickle with Chili pepper for a mouth watering delicious flavor.
  • No sugar, gluten free, Non – GMO

#7 Matiz Espana Sardines

Matiz Espana Sardines

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Matiz Espana Sardines are one of the best sellers in top online stores. Matiz is a famous brand known for its series of mind boggling sea foods and quality of process. Fresh sardines from Spain are handpicked and hand packed.

This is a truly great choice of seafood which are packed with rich Omega 3 and proteins. Especially, these sardines are a healthy choice that is paired with perfect pack of proteins and fatty acids.

  • Juicy and tender
  • Packed with Spanish olive oil
  • Caught from Spanish sea waters
  • Exceptional quality and taste

#6 Adriatic Sardina Wild Caught Sardines

Adriatic Sardina Wild Caught Sardines

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Adriatic Sea is the best place to harvest sardines. Since ages, sardines caught in wild were the favorite food of foodies and travel freaks. The taste and flavor of Adriatic Sardina is pretty straight forward but with mild smell. Processing and packaging are done in a very professional manner to deliver the high standards in all parameters.

  • Fleshy clean sardines
  • Fished using sustainable methods
  • Hand picked and Hand packed
  • Rich in taste and fatty acids

#5 Bumble Bee Wild Sardines

Bumblebee Wild Sardines

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A Mediterranean style gourmet sardines from Bumblebee is something that can attract a lot of health benefits. Not only that, it provides the best treat for your taste glands.

Processed and hand packed to maintain the quality with ultimate taste. Wood smoked sardines always are special and enjoyable. Also the health benefits are uncountable and huge.

  • Mediterranean style in extra virgin oil
  • Caught in cold waters of northern europe
  • Wood smoked
  • Kosher Certified, Safe and tasty

#4 Iberia Sardines

Iberia Sardines

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Iberia Sardines are a perfect snack, delivered in high quality cans that can prevent the food from harsh weather.

Skinless and boneless sardines packed in oil, hand picked and hand filleted with care, Plump sardines in the cans shows the efficiency of their professional methods of harvesting and processing.

  • Skinless and Boneless
  • Gluten free, Non GMO
  • Plump and juicy
  • Tender fish packed in oil

#3 Wild Planet Sardines – Wild Caught

Wild Planet Sardines – Wild Caught

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One more unrivaled flavor from Wild planet. Fresh sardines are handpicked and cooked by expert chefs under the most clean and controlled environment. Marinara Sauce is the favorite of sauce lovers.

The fleshy and juicy sardines are packed with Marinara sauce to excite your snack time. Add it to salads or sandwiches to enjoy the versatile taste once in a while.

  • Handpicked Sardines
  • Caught in wild waters of North pacific
  • Packed with Marinara Sauce
  • Ingredients includes Basil, pepper powder, garlic, oregano, salt and sugar

#2 MW Polar Brisling Sardines

MW Polar Brisling Sardines

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MW Polar sardines tastes uncommonly great than the other brands. The cooking method doesn’t includes complex recipes, these sardines are wood smoked carefully without losing the tenderness.

Eating this brisling sardines with your favorite sauce is the best thing that can happen in any day.

  • Caught in Baltic sea
  • Wood smoked
  • Packed in olive oil
  • Gluten free, BPA free packaging

#1 StarKist Gourmet Selects Sardines

StarKist Gourmet Selects Sardines

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StarKist Gourmet Selects Sardines are the best choice to add to your meal to get the much needed proteins and fatty acids. Also, it is a tasty choice to eat healthy. Snack times can never be so enjoyable without some sardines cooked in Tuscan style.

The ingredients includes basil, garlic, parsley, pepper, and salt. Old traditional Tuscan style sea foods are very famous for its unique and extremely good taste.

  • Skins and bones removed
  • Rich Omega 3 content
  • Packed in tomato sauce
  • Eat straight out of box