10 Best Business Backpacks in 2020 – Reviews

best business backpacks

A business backpack is essentially a small bag that is custom made for business travelers. These backpacks are tailored to cater to specific business needs. They are made with numerous pockets to allow for easy organization of documents.

Most business people travel a lot and have to carry some essential documents. The key factor to getting a good business backpack is determining your personal needs. If you travel a lot for long distance meetings, you need a backpack with enough room to carry your clothing and some essentials.

However, if you travel for short distance business meetings, your backpack may only need space for a few documents and a laptop. In our review of the best top 10 business backpacks, we have considered factors such as durability, size, number of pockets, and ratings. Here are the best business backpacks available on the market.

Best Business Backpacks, Reviews

#10 Pacsafe Venturesafe

Pacsafe Venturesafe

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The Pacsafe is designed for maximum security. This backpack offers several compartments that are seamlessly attached to the lining to conceal the documents stored. It is also among the lightweight bags.

It is built with a rain protective cover making it the best for all weather travelers. It also comes in multiple colors including black, olive green, and Hawaiian blue.

#9 Victorinox Altmont 3.0

Victorinox Altmont 3

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The Victorinox Altmont is a low profile backpack due to its slim and sleek design. Although it is slim, it offers enough space to hold a 1.6-inch laptop plus other commodities. It also has a flip over cover with sturdy clips to ensure that your essentials remain safe throughout your journey.

The good news is that the backpack can expand by half an inch due to the flexible zipper design. Although it has sufficient space for an average traveler, it is slightly smaller as compared to the other bags on this list.

#8 Solo Vintage Colombian Leather

Solo Vintage Colombian Leather

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The Colombian leather backpack is among the most bought travel backpacks on Amazon. It is designed to offer sufficient laptop storage space and other features.

Given that it is made from full grain leather it is among the strongest backpacks available. It is also highly regarded by users and has a rating of 4.5 on Amazon.

#7 KAKA BC33133 Backpack

KAKA BC33133 Backpack

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The KAKA BC33133 Backpack works well for business travels and hikers. It has been on the market for a short while as compared to the other bags on this list, however, its features make it stand out. It offers large laptop storage space plus plenty of compartments for other essentials.

Its pockets are large enough to hold huge folders and even store sufficient clothing for a day or two. The KAKA business backpack also offers extra security due to the flip cover and an extra buckle clip.

#6 SwissGear Blue Ibex

SwissGear Blue Ibex

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This business travel backpack is best suited for regular business travelers who wish to carry more essentials than average. It offers a laptop compartment that can accommodate a 17-inch laptop. It is also among the most durable and can be used for years before it shows the effects of wear and tear. It is among the few backpacks with a metallic/plastic handle and metallic zippers.

As the name suggests, the backpack is blue in color providing a striking difference in appearance from others. It is also rich with several compartments to enhance organizations of documents. With a rating of over 4.6 on Amazon, there is no doubt that this bag is among the favorite business travel backpacks.

#5 Timbuk2 Command

Timbuk2 Command

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This backpack is designed for minimalist and simplicity travelers. This business backpack offers a wide variety of colors to choose from including black, red and white. The compartments are blended within the design to help offer advanced security against pickpockets.

It also has a large zipper that runs down the front side. Most importantly, this backpack offers several compartments with the middle one offering the most space. It also has a laptop compartment tailored for security checkpoints.

Due to the sleek design, it feels as if you are carrying a smaller bag than it is. It also provides storage space enough for all personal essentials.

#4 Samsonite Xenon 2 Business Backpack

Samsonite Xenon 2 Business Backpack

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With an average rating of 4.3, the Samsonite Xenon takes the 4th place on our list. This bag is not only top rated but also offers plenty of admirable features. It offers the best exterior design among business backpacks. Despite its sleek design, it still offers sufficient space and numerous compartments.

It offers a laptop compartment as well as a stretchable large tablet compartment. It also offers other compartments large enough to hold A4 size books and large files.

#3 SwissGear SA1908 ScanSmart

SwissGear SA1908 ScanSmart

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This is one of the best travel backpacks for men on a budget. It offers multiple pockets to allow easy organization of documents. It also has freely adjustable straps to accommodate diverse laptop sizes. The backpack is among the cheapest on amazon but is also very durable. It is best suited for short distance business travelers who may not need to carry a lot of personal essentials.

#2 Everki Atlas Backpack

Everki Atlas Backpack

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This bag is the best for long distance business travelers. It offers a spacious laptop compartment that can accommodate a device of up to 17.3 inches. The backpack is also the most versatile since it is made out of durable materials. It boasts of features such as numerous pockets, durable zippers, and organized buckle for your keys.

The Everki backpack is also designed to offer internal light reflection due to the bright orange lining. The lining helps users find any small hidden items within the bag. It also uses a five-point balance strap system which allows for equal weight distribution. It is one of the best lightweight business backpacks that can be used for long distance travel.

#1 The Incase Icon Pack

The Incase Icon Pack

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This is one of the best backpacks available on Amazon. The bag has a tough shell that is durable and offers the best security for your credentials. It also offers a super soft lining within the pockets for comfortable holding of delicate devices such as phones and tablets. The Icon Pack is also rich with numerous pockets to allow for easy separation of different credentials.

It has been hailed by most users for the padding on the straps and the back that make it more comfortable than most backpacks. The bag also comes in many stylish colors including red, black, grey and white. The upside is that it is cheaper than similar bags and therefore it offers value for money.