10 Best Portable Air Conditioners under $200

best portable airconditioners under $200

Looking for the best portable air conditioners under $200? We’re halfway done with summer but the scorching heat of this season is unrelenting and that means everyone is looking for a way to beat this blistering heat. A very convenient option is an air conditioner but everyone knows how a heavy a normal air conditioner is, that’s why it’s a much smarter option to look for personal portable air conditioners under $200.

Not only are they a much cheaper option, they do the job of cooling you down almost as well as a normal air conditioner would, along with that they also give you some added benefits like considerably less energy consumption and low noise level.

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But as you look around for a portable air conditioner that meets your needs, you’ll come across countless options sure to confuse you, that’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of the best portable air conditioners under $200.

10.Evapolar Eva-Light Portable Air Conditioner

10 Best Cheap Portable Air Conditioners under $200

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With a voltage of 110 V, the Evapolar portable air conditioner has a three in one unique feature that is sure to appeal to many buyers as it offers the benefits of an air conditioner, air purifier, and an air humidifier. This evaporating technology efficiently cools the air and is best suited for hot and dry climates. This air conditioner is extremely easy to set up and use by simply adding water and plugging into a power supply and that’s all it takes to get it started.

The maximum cooling area it can reach in the front is about 45 square feet, almost the size of a bed, desk, or couch. This air conditioner has a leakage-proof system and an enlarged water tank for more water storage. The best feature of this device apart from cooling efficiently is the portability, you can take it anywhere you please.

9.Zomma Mini Air Conditioner

Zomma Mini Air Conditioner

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The Zomma Mini is also a multifunctional device, giving you the added option of using it as an air conditioner, a desk fan, or even as an air humidifier. This portable air conditioner is equipped with three-speed options for better temperature control, letting you choose the ideal speed you want for cooling. The direction of the chilly air can be adjusted to your needs and you can protect yourself from dry air with the help of its latest evaporative atomization cooling technology, letting you enjoy the mist.

This air conditioner provides a tank that you can fill with water and ice cubes; there is also an indicator that flashes when it’s about to run dry. Apart from that, it has some unique features like the LED mood light which changes color, it gives you the option of selecting from seven different colors.

8.Alliebe Portable Mini Air Conditioner

Alliebe Portable Mini Air Conditioner

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The Alliebe Portable mini air conditioner gives you not three but four in one, multifunctional features which include an air conditioner, a USB fan, an air purifier, and an air humidifier. This little portable device is perfect for beating the heat, as you can take it to any desired spot in your house, whether it is your room or office.

This is an eco-friendly device that will give you the air, nearly as cool as an actual air conditioner without using something as harmful as a chemical refrigerant. Lastly, its humidifying function is based on natural water evaporative technology, you can add water or ice cubes to the water tank for cool, moist wind.

7.Auzkin Portable Air Conditioner

Auzkin Portable Air Conditioner

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This portable air conditioner by Auzkin uses ultrasonic atomization technology to atomize the water in order for cool and humid air to blow out, this allows this air conditioner to not only cool the air but also keep your skin moist and prevent the air from drying out. This device is a great option to weather the summer season’s scorching heat, it offer wind speeds with high, low, and medium modes, which is adjustable to your preference.

For this AC, 4000RMP is the maximum fan rotating speed and 3.5 m/s is the maximum wind speed. This mini machine offers you a time setting option so you can set the time you want it to turn during the night. It is also eco-friendly as it doesn’t use a refrigerant, this means that it might not cool as well as a normal air conditioner but it is certainly a better option and cheaper option than a normal fan. As of course, as the name suggests, it is portable; meaning you can take it anywhere you want with you.

6.Geohee Mini Portable Air Conditioner

Geohee Mini Portable Air Conditioner

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This is an individual use personal air conditioner that is specifically designed to be compact and lightweight so you are able to carry it with you to the desired location. It is easy to carry around and doesn’t take up much space so you can enjoy the cool breeze wafting from it without worrying about the electricity bills. You can put and add water to the water tank, along with ice cubes, a full tank will continuously keep spraying for about three to four hours, depending on the speed of the fan.

It also has a built-in indicator that will flash when the tank is dry. It provides you with a nightlight that has seven different colors to choose form. This is a three in one device so you’ll get the added benefits of not only an air conditioner, an air purifier but also a humidifier.

4. Aihehe Personal Portable Air Conditioner

aihehe Personal Portable Air Conditioner

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The aihehe personal portable air conditioner offers you quick cooling by simply filling the icebox with some ice or cold water and turning it on, this will allow the cool air to disperse throughout the room within a matter of seconds. It has a USB fan that projects clean and purified air and distributes moisture in your surrounding area.

It has a three-speed option in which you can adjust to your desired preference. One refill of water can last you about eight hours, and you can leave it on all night without any concerns regarding your electricity bills. It is an eco-friendly device as it is Freon-free. Apart from that, it has some other features such as portability and quiet operation. You can use it in any room you like and with a noise level of 58 dB, you won’t have to worry about noise keeping you from sleep.

3.JUSTWIN portable Air Conditioner

JUSTWIN portable Air Conditioner

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The JUSTWIN portable air conditioner is a rechargeable air conditioner that has a wireless and portable design. Being cordless gives it a unique edge as you can carry it anywhere you want with you like your room, your office, or on a picnic without worrying about finding a power outlet. It has a 300 ML large water tank which lasts you for about four to five hours, and it has a 2000mAh battery capacity in addition to the 2000mAh power bank, so you won’t have to worry about power failure.

This device does not use a refrigerant, giving it an eco-friendly feature. It has an air humidifier, air conditioner, and an air purifier. It also has a mist sprayer mode that sprays tiny droplets of clean water, and three-speed wind modes which you can adjust according to preference.

2.TCL Portable Air Conditioner

TCL Portable Air Conditioner

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The TCL air conditioner has a portable design that allows you to take it anywhere with you, you want. It provides you with a 14, 000 BTU, capable of cooling up to 350 square feet and it does so quietly, quickly, and effectively.

It has some convenient features such as an LED display and washable, reusable filters that reduce room odors, bacteria, and other airborne particles which keep you from having a clean and healthy environment. It has a three in one feature which provides you with cool, clean, and dry air in the form of an air conditioner, an air purifier, and a dehumidifier.

1.VinTV Portable Air Conditioner

VinTV Portable Air Conditioner

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This portable air conditioner provides you with rapid cooling as it has built-in large-scale refrigeration equipment, which means you don’t have to keep adding ice for it to keep cooling. Its cooling effect is achieved with the help of a water evaporating technology, letting you feel cool winds on your face within seconds. It consumes considerably less energy, about as much as light bulb does and it utilizes no Freon or any other type of chemical refrigerant which means not only is it able to help you bear a hot summer’s day but is also eco-friendly.

How to choose the right Portable Air Conditioner under $200 for you?

When looking for a portable air conditioner, there are some things that you need to keep in mind in order to select the best one for you. One of the things being price, just because something is expensive does not mean it is likely to work better, some cheaper options can help you just as well as any other device would. You can find some of the best portable air conditioners under $200 with just a little bit of searching.

Something else to think about is the amount of BTUs the portable air conditioner has, generally the more BTUs it has the more space it is likely to cool, so look for one that has a higher BTU power. Your portable air conditioner is supposed to be lightweight and mobile, preferably easy to carry or drag of it has wheels at the bottom, this will allow you to carry it to any room you want without anyone else’s assistance.

Make sure it is easy to use and doesn’t have a confusing control panel as you’ll be using it on a day to day basis so having an air conditioner that is easy to operate would be ideal. There are many air conditioner that works really well in cooling the room but create a noisy atmosphere that makes it hard to sleep so look for portable air conditioners under $200 that has a low noise level, this will not only keep the heat away but also allow you to complete your sleep or work without getting distracted.

The last thing to look for is durability, there is no point in investing in a device that you’ll have to take to get fixed, again and again, so make sure you buy one that is going to last you a long while.

We hope this helped clear out any confusion you might have had as to what you should look for in a portable air conditioner.